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Accenture GmbH
Branding company headquarters old stock exchange Vienna

The 3rd and 4th floors were completely redesigned for the expansion of the company headquarters in Vienna. A backlit logo wall with an opening inspection door was designed for the reception area. The logo itself is also softly backlit.

Accenture GmbH
Branding company headquarters old stock exchange Vienna – wall slogans

The 3rd and 4th floors were completely redesigned for the expansion of the company headquarters in Vienna. Most of the rooms on both floors were provided with artwork. The design is a mixture of corporate design and layouts created by us. One theme was wall sayings. These were realised by us using different production methods.

Hochschule für Agrar-und Umweltpädagogik
Photovoltaic-powered illuminated logo

The illuminated logo we built is powered by the photovoltaic system we installed. The logo is therefore self-sufficient and lights up at night without a power supply (even in winter).

LKW Walter
Office decoration

In the entrance area and the coffee lounges at the company headquarters, we have changed the decorations to spring at 19 locations.

Viertel Zwei
Building project exhibition

An information exhibition was designed for the planned construction project. The plug-in system we developed allows maximum flexibility. The panels were realised using direct printing. A digital information system provided visitors with all information digitally via touchscreen.

Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere GmbH & Co KG
Coffee passes CYCLIST

For the coffee shop at the Andaz Hotel in Vienna, we designed a collector's pass in two versions, including an environmentally friendly stamp for regular customers.

Hafen Korneuburg Immobilien GmbH & Co KG
Die Werft Korneuburg / Construction office

For the construction project "Die Werft" in Korneuburg, we were allowed to equip the construction office both visually and technically. The picture gallery we designed gives visitors an understanding of the project in its entirety. We installed the technical equipment for presentations.

BauConsult group GmbH
Company signs and foiling

Directly printed stainless steel company signs and logo foiling in a striking design. Welcome to BauConsult.

Ernstings Family Österreich
Portal logos

Company signage for shop openings or conversions in various designs. Production and assembly throughout Austria.

Omar Besim
Facade design

The task was to design the façade for the new shop. Logo sign, illuminated advertising, signs and window stickers. Graphics, production and installation.

LKW Walter
Office decoration

The entrance area and the coffee lounges at the company headquarters were to be redecorated. The floor vases are now adorned with wickerwork, which is redecorated seasonally. The floral decorations in the lounges are also changed seasonally.

inloop GmbH
Office Branding

For inloop GmbH, we were allowed to embellish the new company premises in the corporate design. 3D wall logos, film wraps and an attractive soundproof wall in the meeting room.

Union Investment Real Estate Austria AG
Design of the entrance area of a residential property

Glass walls were installed to make the entrance area more attractive and to protect the walls from dirt. The design was applied to the back of the wall using direct UV printing.

Dr. Günter Sokol
For the result of busy bees

The perfect design for the perfect honey. The partial gloss varnish on the label further enhances the exclusivity of the product. The openwork label on the jar also allows the golden liquid to shine through.

MAHÜ 10-18
Roof level celebration

Event to celebrate the roofing of the MAHÜ 10-18 construction project. Idea, graphics according to CD, production and assembly of the portal, the construction fence tarpaulins and the crane basket.

ARE Austrian Real Estate
ARE Austrian Real Estate Competition Exhibition Seestadt Aspern / Baufeld J6

Conception, planning, production and realisation of the exhibition in the Kulturgarage. The visitors were able to get an idea of the projects submitted and, above all, to examine the winning project. Building site J6 - Seeparkquartier / 1st place - "Seestadtkrokodil"
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