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Hotel Ibis Mariahilf Wien
Redesign for 3 lifts

The 3 monotonous lifts in the hotel were to be made charming and offer guests information and entertainment. What lends itself to this more than Viennese cuisine, Viennese life and Viennese culture. A wall full of delights to take down and read about, a selfie in a Sisi dress or tips for Viennese life, the new lifts offer all this.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. Exposé.

An exposé with all project-relevant information, facts and figures was developed for marketing.

Spiegelrein Spasovski KG
Spiegelrein Kitzbühel

Corporate design, webpage, business cards and car wrap for the startup Spiegelrein in Kitzbühel

Wohn- und Wirtschaftspark Entwicklungsgesellschaft m.b.H. (WWE)
Exhibition Architecture Competition

urnishing of the architecture competition exhibition. Production of the panels, ambience, guidance system and lighting.

McDonald’s Branch 1020 Vienna
One large illuminated fry please

Illuminated fries were to be designed and built for the display of a McDonald's branch. The lighting is adapted to daylight and starts at dusk or when it is very cloudy. The fries light up alternately and catch the eye right away.

Costa Kreuzfahrten
Exhibition stand Ferien-Messe Wien

Idea, design, construction and building of the Costa stand at the holiday fair in Vienna.

MGRI Kapitalbeteiligung GmbH
VIERTEL ZWEI book exchange

Two disused telephone boxes were restored and fully branded by m3 and now serve as a public book box. People interested in reading can take out or add books free of charge around the clock.

BauConsult group GmbH
Brand Design Drinking Bottles

Laser-cut branded drinking bottles with name abbreviation for the employees of BauConsult.

IFM Immobilien Facility Management und Development GmbH für Union Investment
Facade design Greenworx building complex

For 6 house facades of the Greenworx building complex we were allowed to create a design to make the house walls of the office building more attractive. After the design process was completed, we defined the colours and determined the geo points for the exact implementation of the painting work.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
House Branding Milestone Aachen

We were already allowed to furnish the seventh Milestone house in the corporate design. Each house has its own history and architecture and must therefore be treated separately. However, the look and feel must be preserved. From the room number to the washing lounge - everything is in the house design.

value one holding AG
Info sign Tiny Forest

For the Cape 10 Tiny Forest project, we were asked to design and realise the information sign. The sign was designed in a rust look with plexiglass and explains the idea behind the project to the visitor.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / The brand

A construction project becomes a brand. Our task: the creation of the name, the logo and the word picture mark. The shape of the building and the address, the Liebenauer Tangente were decisive for the staging. The down-to-earth color scheme and the development of the 3 slogans harmoniously round off the brand.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / The webpage

In line with the new brand, there is the phase 1 landing page. Start of construction spring 2023. Phase 2 follows...

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / Construction fence

On about 50 meters of construction fence, the color palette, the imagery and the basic elements are consistently and perfectly coordinated. Design, production and assembly by m3.

ABTA - Austrian Business Travel Association
Webpage Relaunch

The new ABTA-website offers a clear design and more services and information also for non-members. A selection of information and materials is available to members in the login area.

Logo & brand design, info flyer including webpage for a start-up company

We were allowed to develop the logo, the corporate design, the info flyer and the webpage for the start-up.

Bezirksvorstehung Innere Stadt
Christmas card 2023

Idea, graphics and production of the Christmas cards for the residents of the inner city. Through the cut-out, one could put two small Christmas trees together.

Verein Kranz & Amore
Kranz & Amore

Con tutto il cuore e con tanto amore. m3 has developed a logo and a corporate design for the association. A non-profit project. The association donates its income to the SOS Children's Village. We are happy to support this from the bottom of our hearts.

Bezirksvorstehung Innere Stadt
Logo for the District Council of the 1st Municipal District of Vienna

The district administration under MMag. Markus Figl has been given a new face by mediadrei. The use of a basic element achieves a great effect. The new logo stands for unobtrusive elegance and clarity. The number 1 and the capital i form a unity. It is the 1st district and the residents of the Inner City are the 1st priority for the district administration.

The portal of the new company building

We came up with the idea for the company portal of the new philoro headquarters in Korneuburg. Eye-catching Parametrics design element in gold look, with integrated seating, LED wall in the vestibule for animated content and digital effects. Everything in a blue and gold colour set with indirect lighting.

Accenture Österreich
Branding of the company headquarters Part 1

m3 was commissioned to implement the entire CD branding for the Austrian branch in the old stock exchange. Part 1: 3D logos and 3D lettering.

Accenture Österreich
Branding of the company headquarters Part 2

m3 was commissioned to implement the entire CD branding for the Austrian branch in the old stock exchange. Part 2: Design, production and installation of all stickers.

Accenture Österreich
Branding of the company headquarters Part 3

m3 was commissioned to implement the entire CD branding for the Austrian branch in the old stock exchange. Part 3: Design, production and installation of the signage and room lettering.

value one holding AG
Double-sided illuminated logo

The illuminated logo in the large auditorium of the old grandstands in Viertel Zwei shines on both sides. The special substructure optimally combines optics and statics. Construction, technology, implementation and installation of course by mediadrei.

Wiener Riesenrad Dr. Lamac GmbH
a room for the vienna giant wheel

The design of a hotel room in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel design was a special pleasure for us. The bedside lamps were designed and built by us. The small wagons are illuminated on the inside and a plexiglass print simulates the original interior and the view through. The box represents a historical wagon. Wall sayings and a panoramic wallpaper complete the experience.

VIERTEL ZWEI Entwicklung GmbH & Co H2O KG
Guidance system Viertel Zwei

The old guidance system in Viertel Zwei was completely renewed by us.

ARE / Village im Dritten
Honey promotion

Planning, staffing and brand design for a honey promotion of the Village in the Third. From the mobile changing boxes to the clothing. Everything from a single source.

Logo, Corporate Design and Webpage

Design relaunch for Herztmensch. Creation of the new logo, colour spectrum and typography. The design concept was extended to all printed matter. The new webpage completes the new branding online.

TV Studio

A very special request from philoro. The idea for a design for the internal TV studio. A lectern in a flowing Parametrics gold look serves as eyecather. Idea, concept, design and implementation by the specialists at mediadrei.

value one holding AG
Move in Welcome Days

The move into the new company building was celebrated with all employees. m3 was allowed to organise the entire event. From the lighting and sound technology, stage, backdrop, VIP passes to the decoration. What a paty.

value one holding AG
value one exhibition Performing Stage

Design and layout of the internal exhibition according to existing corporate design. Production and assembly included.

ARE / Village im Dritten
Newsletter Tool

After the webpage, we also created the newsletter for the Village im Dritten. Design development and implementation of the newsletter tool.


The VILLAGE IM DRITTEN is a neighbourhood development by ARE AUSTRIAN REAL ESTATE GmbH. City. Country. Nature. Infrastructure. People. Work. Leben. m3 was commissioned to realise the website. From concept and design to the finished programming. A housing finder for the page is planned for 2023.

value one holding AG und Red Bull GmbH
Signage in the grandstands in Viertel Zwei

The new icons made of anodised aluminium serve as visual orientation in the grandstands in Viertel Zwei. Design, production and assembly by m3.

Value One holding AG
Equal celebration Kay

Organisation of the topping-out party for the new project Kay, the Value One. From the technology, decoration and catering to the event photos.

Citylake Gastronomie GmbH

Creation of the new logo and word mark. The incorporation of the K initials was a special customer request and was gladly realized. With the logo variant as a seal look, the brand has many branding possibilities. The exciting thing about the logo is the connection of the Persian roots of the owner with the food concept of the Asian restaurant.

EHL Immobilien Management GmbH
Stele – Maria Jacobi Gasse 1

Design and production of a new illuminated pylon with the prerequisite of simple and cost-effective replacement of the tenant signage.

Union Investment Real Estate
Austria AG
Gürtelturm Officecenter /
Guidance system and design

The new corporate design was also implemented in the guidance system, in the signaling, in the design of the auditorium and the floors.

LKH Graz / Architekturbox
Wall design, ceiling lamps and impact protection for the orthopaedics and neurosurgery departments at LKH Graz

For the new room concept of the orthopaedic and neurosurgical outpatient department at the LKH Graz, mediadrei was asked to design the wall design, the ceiling lamps in the waiting area and the impact protection of the glass walls and doors. Especially for the neurosurgery patients, we had to choose soft colours and design calming patterns.

Union Investment Real Estate
Austria AG
Gürtelturm Officecenter
Logo- and Corporate Design

New logo, color setting and typo solution for the corporate design of the belt tower. The two basic elements in the logo reflect the architecture and speak a clear language of form. The lobby was restaged with the illuminated logo and the color setting. Design and implementation all from one source.

1:1 planbar GmbH
Logo- and Corporate Design

Logo, corporate design and implementation of all printed materials and the webpage by m3.

1:1 planbar GmbH
Logo- and Corporate Design

Logo, corporate design and implementation of all printed materials and the webpage by m3.

Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation

Adhesive labeling of the MYFLEXBOX pick-up stations throughout Austria.

CAPE 10 – die gemeinnützige Stiftung und die CAPE 10 Errichtung & Betrieb GmbH
Entrance stele Cape 10

Design, construction and installation of the entrance stele.

Value One holding AG
Adhesive films for the office

Draft designs and films for various meeting rooms at the new location.

Accenture GmbH
Ceiling logo

Concept, design, production and installation of the ceiling logo at Accenture’s head office in Alte Börse. Avanade was founded as a joint venture between Microsoft Corporation and Accenture LLP.

Value One holding AG
Colourful glass ceiling

Special film for 110 glass roof surfaces conceptualised by interior designer Marcel Wanders.

Innere Stadt district council

Continuation of the new design line for an Easter advertisement. The new core colour, Ochre, is now also used in the visual language.

Dr. med. univ. Gerard Mertikian
Series of advertisements

A series of advertisements for the specialist practice follows work to design the logo and develop a CI.

Dr. Robert Deak
Illuminated logo

The logo was revamped with considerable effort for the new dental implant centre in Vienna. The 3D letters radiate laterally, creating a refined and discreet effect.

Innere Stadt district council

During our work to overhaul the Innere Stadt district council’s new corporate design, a double-page spread was taken out to present the team. Taking responsibility and focusing on the detail. The lively design conveys an air of dynamism and professionalism.

Grand Hotel Bregenz
Banquet folder

Modernity meets affinity for nature and French elegance. The Grand Hotel Bregenz – MGallery brings together nature, local culture and unforgettable experiences in a unique way. The new banquet folder neatly packs together all the information needed to host a successful business event.

Illuminated overhead signpost

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Invitation to the ‘The Masked Singer Austria’ press conference

We were given free rein to come up with a design to invite journalists to the press conference marking the launch of the new season of ‘The Masked Singer Austria’.

Signage system

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Safaverdi Baumanagement
Signage system – Gonzagagasse 1010 Vienna

Development, production and installation of a signage system at the Gonzagagasse office building. Quality materials and a lean design set in warm colour tones. The signage covers several floors.

Grape Hospitality (

Grape’s landing page takes the user to four Austrian hotels: Grand Hotel Bregenz, Mercure Biedermeier Vienna, Ibis Vienna Mariahilf and Ibis Styles Linz. A wheel of fortune provides an opportunity to benefit from excellent discounts, all with the aim of encouraging the sale of vouchers. Each trademark has its own branding, yet the overall image remains harmonious.

Klaus Piber

International Hospitality Concepts – A company with vision and foresight. Just like its corporate design. Fresh, bold, playful and aesthetically pleasing.

Signage system / Infopoint

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Illuminated logo

Planning, production and installation of the new rooftop logo at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge 22 metres long by 1.8 meters wide.

Klaus Piber

Creation, user experience design and integration of the new branding. Dynamic elements, clear structures and easy to navigate.

Schattenmacher Vienna

Every shadow is different. Now the story has a new protagonist – the supershadow. We get you dreaming about the perfect feel-good experience.

Safaverdi Baumanagement
Special letterboxes – Gonzagagasse 1010 Vienna

The client had also wanted something special for the property development project on Gonzagagasse (Vienna, 1st district): Luxury customised letterboxes that match the building’s signage system. Just the ticket for us.

Private client
3D visualisation / content production

Visualise your project as if it had already been brought to life, from the early sketches and 3D modelling to the finished rendering.

Innere Stadt district council

The district council requested artwork for the greeting cards to be sent out personally by the head of the district council Markus Figl. This one is our favourite, even though it was never actually produced, but we naturally had a lot of fun doing the layout of the final artwork.

PACEup Management Consulting GmbH

PACEup is a boutique consultancy with extensive expertise in the areas of controlling and finance, organisation and processes as well as strategy design and strategic decision-making. The website needed to meet solution-oriented requirements. Modern structure, lively imagery and striking typography. We give the client space for ideas.

Viertel Zwei
Car wraps, posters and city light

E-mobility at Viertel Zwei. From car branding to info city light Design, production and installation.

Innere Stadt district council

New look with a modern touch and gold embossing. It was our great pleasure to revamp the Christmas cards sent by the Innere Stadt district council in 2020.

Schattenmacher Wien
Fleet wraps

Design, production and installation for all cars in the Schattenmacher fleet.

Design project
The High Light

Art direction for a new youth design magazine

Design project
Interior Exhibit Milano

Art direction for an interiors fair in Milan.

Friends of the Technical Museum Vienna
Information folder

A look behind the scenes. There are a range of benefits available to you as a member of the Association of Friends of the Technical Museum. The information folder generates excitement and attracts new friends.

Doris Baier
Logo development & corporate design

We were tasked with developing the logo, CD, business paper, a folder and the signage for the new practice of Doris Baier. Find your balance...

Union Investment Real Estate GmbH
Gürtelturm Graz signage system

Development and implementation of the new signage system in the Gürtelturm Graz.

ChemCargo Consult
Full wrapping for a train engine

Production and wrapping for a train engine.

zehn70 website

Website for an ingenious housing project in Vienna. A co-living project is currently being developing on Stückgasse and Zollergasse – the guiding principle being independent living in a community.

ProSieben Sat.1 PULS 4 GmbH
Direct Mail for Puls 24

Puls 24 is more than just a news channel. Selected media professionals were to be informed about the new programme launch in autumn. Being informed 24 hours a day is easier when you have strong cup of coffee. Idea, production and implementation by m3.

Ambient Art Werbe GmbH
Emmaus illuminated façade logo

The stipulated logo needed to be turned into a 3D illuminated logo for the façade of the company’s building.

Haustechnik Hochrieder GmbH
New Corporate Design

Development of various print media for the 100th anniversary of the company Haustechnik Hochrieder.

Immobilien Facility Management und Development GmbH
Illuminated stele for Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22

Idea, concept and realisation (design, production, printing, construction and installation) of the illuminated entrance stele at Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22.

Salzburg AG für Energie, Verkehr und Telekommunikation

Wrapping for the new FLEXBOX at various locations in Austria.

Haustechnik Hochrieder GmbH
100 years of Haustechnik Hochrieder

100 years of Haustechnik Hochrieder

Value One Immobilien Management
Signage for the P1 underground car park

Production and installation of the wrapping for the signage system in the P1 underground car park.

Viertel Zwei Entwicklung GmbH
New website for Viertel Zwei

The existing site was to be revamped, made more service-oriented and easier for the user to navigate. A CMS system that is easy for the client to maintain.

Peter Zinter
Logo and Corporate Design

We were tasked with coming up with a design presenting the new brand, Jägetarier, by top Austrian chef Peter Zinter (three chef hats in the former Restaurant Vincent), starting with a logo design, slogan and corporate design.

Grand Hotel Bregenz
DIVVY bar menu

New bar menu for DIVVY at the Grand Hotel Bregenz. In addition to designing the entire signage system at the new Grand Hotel Bregenz, we were also given the opportunity to develop the new DIVVY bar menu.

Ibis Styles Wien City
Glass film

123 shower walls with a new look. The layout was designed in line with specific client requirements, then the transparent films were printed, cut and mounted by our team.

Haustechnik Hochrieder GmbH
New website

New online presence for Haustechnik Hochrieder A company steeped in 100 years of history The old website was simply not in keeping with the times, which is why m3 was tasked with design and programming a new, modern website. A website tailored to the needs of the client was created, one that the client can maintain themselves and that contains a wealth of information.

Private wedding couple
Wedding invitation

We were tasked with designing and producing a highly personalised wedding invitation, paying particular attention to detail. The wish to have a maritime design was respected in a range of different ways – from the choice of paper to the wax seal. Even the octopus, a personal wish of the bride, found a prominent place.

Dr. med. univ. Gerard Mertikian
Logo and Corporate Design

New logo and corporate design for Dr. Mertikian. m3 was commissioned to relaunch the logo of Dr Mertikian’s practice, including the matching print materials such as business cards, folders, wing folders and company signs.

agentur mediadrei gmbh
20 years of agentur mediadrei

There were a new corporate design and a whole host of new print materials to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

value one holding AG
Milestone Award

Preparation of 3D data including production of the awards.

BhW Bildung hat Wert - Kultur. Region. Niederösterreich.
New corporate design and slogan

New corporate design and slogan for ‘Kultur. Region. Niederösterreich.’ BhW (Bildung hat Wert) for short. A new, lively and colourful corporate design with modern imagery was also created. The new slogan ‘CONNECT, MOTIVATE, EXPERIENCE, MOVE’ is intended to reinvigorate how the learning culture is conveyed. The BhW now has new business paper, a folder series, posters, roll-ups and beach flags for communication.

ProSieben Sat.1 PULS 4 GmbH
THE MASKED SINGER AUSTRIA promotional attire

Production of the promotional attire for the successful international show.

Für Kerstin
‘Für Kerstin’ charity concert

Design for a charity concert. When our work can help someone, we never hesitate – we just get stuck in.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
Image brochure for investors

Design of a 52-page image brochure for investors. Partial relief varnish on the cover, thumbhole punching and slip pocket.

Accor Hotels Schweiz
Coffee mug

Idea and design of a coffee mug as a gift for customers.

Image brochure

A new image brochure had to be developed quickly for EMO 2019 in Hanover.

Architekturbox Accenture
Office Signage

Wall tattoo in the meeting room and film stickers on the glass doors.

Die Kantine
Restaurant signage

Illuminated 3D logo staging, illuminated wine rack, wall panels and chalkboard layouts (hand drawn).

Taisir M. R. Takieddine
Logo design and business cards

Logo and design development for private business cards belonging to a valued, long-standing client. The print finish, which in this case is a relief varnish on a matt soft-touch surface, really brings out the design.

Krause + Mauser
Machine configurator

Design and programming of a machine configurator for sales.

Krause + Mauser
EMO Hanover 2019 exhibition stand

Idea, concept, design and implementation for the exhibition stand. Set up in cooperation with MIBA Stand supervision and technical support on site by m3.

AIDA Cruises
Ferienmesse Wien 2020 exhibition stand

Idea, concept, 3D planning, implementation and realisation including supervision and technical support on site.

ein ganz lieber Kunde von m3
Marriage is in the air…

Multi-page wedding invitation with shiny gold foil stamping.

BhW Bildung hat Wert - Kultur. Region. Niederösterreich.
Corporate identity redesign

After a gentle logo overhaul, the brand’s appearance was completely revamped, with the colours, visual language and impression being newly developed.

Accor Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H.
Christmas recipe booklet

Design and implementation of a Christmas recipe booklet. We even cooked the geese for the photo ourselves.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
Party room wall décor

The client was looking for an idea for a white wall in the party room. Here’s what we came up with...idea and implementation by m3.

Unilever Austria GmbH
Rebranding the head office in Vienna

We were commissioned for a second time to take over the branding of the head office in Vienna. Here’s a little taster...

TECE Österreich GmbH
Shower drain game table

Idea, construction and implementation of a game table for a special shower drain.

Grand Hotel Bregenz

Design and production of the hotel vouchers.

ProSieben Sat.1 PULS 4 GmbH
Christmas at Café Puls

We are always up for a little spontaneous Christmas event.

Florian Piskor
CI development

Logo development for a valued client from Germany.

MVH Medienvertriebs GmbH
Carrier bags and vouchers

Vouchers and carrier bags for very special gifts.

TECE Österreich GmbH
Roadshow 2019

Idea, planning and implementation of a roadshow for a product launch.

VIERTEL ZWEI - value one immobilien management GmbH
VIERTEL ZWEI summer party 2019

Print material for the VIERTEL ZWEI summer party 2019.

HanseMerkur Grundvermögen AG
Logo relaunch and new signage system

UNDER WAY: Relaunch of the Campus 21 brand and renewal of the entire signage system.

Grand Hotel Bregenz - MGallery
Morning post, invitation, fact sheet and job advertisement

Creation of various print products.

value one Holding AG
Outdoor advertising rebranding

Production and installation of entrance awning, company signs and door stickers.

Schwarzatal Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- u Siedlungsanlagen-GmbH
Illuminated logo

Illuminated logo and office film.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
Promotional items

Idea, graphics and implementation of various promotional items.

MVH Medienvertriebs GmbH
Illuminated logo and digital signage

Illuminated logo on Mariahilferstraße, digital signage system, display screens.

value one immobilen management GmbH

Corporate design, website, Facebook page, advertisements, hand-outs, outdoor advertising.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
Passport Promotion

Milestone passport summer promotion, print products and promotion.

Certa Versicherungsmakler
Logo development and corporate design

Logo design, corporate design, website and carrier bags.

ZIMA Wien GmbH
Cherry blossom construction board

Printing and installation.

Lucky Car Eisenstadt
Store branding

Exterior sign, production and installation

Hotel Kornock
Custom e-bike presentation garage

m3 delved deep into its bag of tricks to fulfil this very special wish of a valued client. Idea, design, construction and installation on site by m3. Hard facts: 1.6t total weight (not including the concrete base), 4 bulletproof glass panes, forced-air ventilation, LED lighting, delivered as a whole.

Grand Hotel Bregenz - MGallery
Hotel signage

Signage for the entire hotel.