Smarter marketing –
Always on point.

Granted: our portfolio is very extensive, yet this is the only way to guarantee our goal of providing our clients with the most comprehensive service possible. We see marketing as more than just creating visual designs for advertising media...
...we create inspirational, emotive ideas.

Idea and concept.

What fails to catch your eye fails to stop you in your tracks.


We analyse needs, visions, market environments and opportunities and, above all, what your target group wants, to craft an understandable and credible story.  Our analyses are neither protracted nor costly; instead we develop a strategy that is realistic yet cool and that delivers measurable success.

Our experience allows us the luxury of trusting our intuition. Only when both our minds and our intuition work together can we find the simplest and most logical way to convert the strategy into a design and a message. After all, intellect and instinct are the most important ingredients of a strong brand.


A brand more than just a product. A brand is a whole story (Ute Eisele)

Successful design is no coincidence – it is the key to success.

m3 specialises in corporate design, graphics and brand building. We develop and optimise expressive and unmistakable images, brands and means of communication, forming the common denominator that runs throughout your entire company. After all, it’s the client that decides on the brand. Not the other way around.

In doing so, we translate corporate values into a memorable visual language and integrate this into all areas of the marketing strategy. The aim is to develop a new and improved (design) language focusing directly on the client, because the more personalised and meaningful your message is, the more likely is that you will be perceived as a genuine partner, as a brand.

Brand maintenance.

“Weak brands advertise to customers, strong brands are advertised by customers.” (Karsten Kilian)

Brand maintenance involves updating and enhancing existing brands on the market. What is usually forgotten when developing new brands is that an existing brand must remain attractive to customers. With this in mind, regular brand maintenance makes it less costly to maintain already existing brands rather than create completely new ones, as those have established themselves as a brand gain more than just sales.

Strong corporate brands generate reputation, workers, creditworthiness and loyalty, to name but a few advantages. Strong brands are also characterised by the fact that customers promote your company as they identify with your brand and communicate this to others.


It has always been our goal to serve our clients as swiftly as possible, which is why we started offering both creative services and the subsequent production services early on. This means we are now able to offer you even more flexibility and freedom of design thanks to the seamlessly dovetailing of creation and production activities, thereby guaranteeing you a high-quality product.

But don’t worry: we’ll also tell you if we can’t do something.


The purpose of your website is to gain customers, not lose visitors.

We integrate cutting-edge standards during the technical development phase, ensure the programming is search engine-friendly, and keep the door open for future add-ons so that your website is prepared for the future – sustainable, resilient and open source.

With us, there are no licence fees, no being tied to one agency, no hidden costs – that’s a promise. Our programmers know which CMS, frameworks and libraries are the best for your project. We develop responsive corporate websites and blogs based on CMS such as TYPO3, WordPress and Joomla.

We programme digital experiences of the highest quality!

but we also design, structure and programme individual intranet solutions, tablet applications, database connections, special solutions and mobile apps to fit your requirements. We also do the hosting and manage a dedicated DNS robot as reseller.

Digital signage.

The direct link between the brand and the consumer.

Use digital signage to get your customers interested in your products and services. After all, it if moves, it’s alive. If it’s alive, it’s interesting. If it’s interesting, your customers will take a closer look.

You can use digital signage to provide your customers with important information in hotel lobbies, fitness centres, car dealerships, doctors’ surgeries and lifts, at exhibitions, in restaurants and bars, to welcome visitors in foyers, at spa receptions or in front of seminar rooms.

You can also use the digital medium for advertising purposes in supermarkets, shopping centres and boutiques. In travel agencies to promote current offers. At airports and railway stations to provide information.

The versatile displays can be also used to deliver information to employees in your company’s foyer, as wayfinding signage for your customers, as a medium to announce your events, or for advertisements, news and weather data.

We use the right hardware for the right situation. You can rely on our experience, both when it comes to screen technologies and back-end system work, because we are able to design and produce individualised hardware.

We design, build, manage, install and service your digital signage.

Individual solutions for trade fairs, events and roadshows..

Make a lasting impression and attract visitors to your stand!

Planning a trade fair appearance can quickly turn into an unexpected challenge. This is where we come in as the ideal partner to prevent this from happening and to ensure you attract the right sort of attention, namely more visitors. After all, if you stand out, you will appeal to people and generate interest.

We put together a strong image for you with a common thread throughout, covering every from create a 3D image of the stand design to planning and implementation. Your company and corporate identity play a major role here when it comes to designing your trade fair or event stand. Our team of joiners and electricians are true to our high quality standards, producing customised furniture and trade fair stands for you.

Yet we do not want to earn by the number of square metres your stand has. We want your trade fair appearance to be a success – from the event technology and trade fair support (staff and catering) to the production of promotional items.


Innovative solutions for trendsetting ideas!

Creativity is technology. We carry out projects in the field of IT, covering everything from video surveillance and VR technology to Wi-Fi technology and server solutions.

We offer state-of-the-art CCTV systems for you to be able to keep an eye on everything, whether it be for your home or for commercial property.

Our sophisticated VR technology means you can communicate your messages in an even more impressive way. Immerse yourself in fully digitalised worlds to showcase your products and services to your customers in the perfect setting. Virtual reality provides you with entirely new ways to advertise to your customers by creating a multi-sensory world of experience.

If your provider’s router is unable to reach every corner of your company, then our sophisticated Wi-Fi technology is the perfect solution for you.

Regardless of whether you need a file, e-mail or application server, we offer individually tailored server solutions for your company. Our user-friendly systems have everything you need for your business processes to operate in the best possible way.

Our portfolio is complemented by special designs and individual constructions of every kind such as:

LED technology, advertising technology (illuminated logos) and signage systems.

In-house production.

The fact that we produce in-house enables us to implement your projects flexibly, quickly and reliably.
We use the following methods:

  • UV flatbed printer, max. 3100 x 2100mm (acrylic glass, plastics, glass, wood, aluminium composite, aluminium, etc.)
  • CNC portal milling machine, max. 3000 x 2000mm (acrylic glass, plastics, wood, aluminium, foam)
  • Solvent reel printer for film, paper with a width of up to 1600mm
  • UV reel printer for film, paper with a width of up to 1600mm (partial matt or glossy varnishing possible)
  • Cutting plotter with a width of up to 1600mm
  • Roll laminator with a width of up to 1600mm
  • Thermal transfer press for flex and flock printing on textiles
  • Screen printing for short runs
  • 2 cutting tables 300 x 150 cm
  • GTA welding (aluminium, steel, stainless steel)

It doesn’t matter. We know what to do with it.

After all, professionalism and creativity are just as important to us as reliability and flexibility when it comes to securing the highest level of quality and thus the basis for your success.