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Ernstings Family Österreich
Portal logos

Company signage for shop openings or conversions in various designs. Production and assembly throughout Austria.

Omar Besim
Façade design

The task was to design the façade for the new shop. Logo sign, illuminated advertising, signs and window stickers. Graphics, production and installation.

Idea and design of the entrance portal

The requirements for the entrance area of the new company headquarters were high. The front was to be designed with eye-catching architecture and an eye-catching feature. The appearance of flowing gold and eye-catching plays of light should set the scene for visitors.

Dr Markovic / Zahnarzt
Illuminated logo and foiling

Illuminated logos are particularly suitable for emphasising the logo in a newly furnished practice. The lighting mood gives the room a pleasant ambience. The window film serves as a privacy screen from the street.

McDonald’s Branch 1020 Vienna
One large illuminated fry please

Illuminated fries were to be designed and built for the display of a McDonald's branch. The lighting is adapted to daylight and starts at dusk or when it is very cloudy. The fries light up alternately and catch the eye right away.
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