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Accenture GmbH
Branding company headquarters old stock exchange Vienna

The 3rd and 4th floors were completely redesigned for the expansion of the company headquarters in Vienna. A backlit logo wall with an opening inspection door was designed for the reception area. The logo itself is also softly backlit.

Hochschule für Agrar-und Umweltpädagogik
Photovoltaic-powered illuminated logo

The illuminated logo we built is powered by the photovoltaic system we installed. The logo is therefore self-sufficient and lights up at night without a power supply (even in winter).

CARVALIER - NC Convalexius gmbh
Sales desk with signet as a design element

Design and realisation of the sales desk for the new location. The customised table shape perfectly reflects the dynamic start-up. The backlit, raised signet as an eye-catcher on top.

Ernstings Family Österreich
Portal logos

Company signage for shop openings or conversions in various designs. Production and assembly throughout Austria.

Omar Besim
Facade design

The task was to design the façade for the new shop. Logo sign, illuminated advertising, signs and window stickers. Graphics, production and installation.

Dr Markovic / Zahnarzt
Illuminated logo and foiling

Illuminated logos are particularly suitable for emphasising the logo in a newly furnished practice. The lighting mood gives the room a pleasant ambience. The window film serves as a privacy screen from the street.

McDonald’s Branch 1020 Vienna
One large illuminated fry please

Illuminated fries were to be designed and built for the display of a McDonald's branch. The lighting is adapted to daylight and starts at dusk or when it is very cloudy. The fries light up alternately and catch the eye right away.

value one holding AG
Double-sided illuminated logo

The illuminated logo in the large auditorium of the old grandstands in Viertel Zwei shines on both sides. The special substructure optimally combines optics and statics. Construction, technology, implementation and installation of course by mediadrei.

VIERTEL ZWEI Entwicklung GmbH & Co H2O KG
Orientation System – Viertel Zwei

The old guidance system in Viertel Zwei was completely renewed by us.

EHL Immobilien Management GmbH
Orientation System – Maria Jacobi Gasse 1

Design and production of a new illuminated pylon with the prerequisite of simple and cost-effective replacement of the tenant signage.

Union Investment Real Estate
Austria AG
Gürtelturm Officecenter
Logo- and Corporate Design

New logo, color setting and typo solution for the corporate design of the belt tower. The two basic elements in the logo reflect the architecture and speak a clear language of form. The lobby was restaged with the illuminated logo and the color setting. Design and implementation all from one source.

Illuminated overhead signpost

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Accenture GmbH
Ceiling logo

Concept, design, production and installation of the ceiling logo at Accenture’s head office in Alte Börse. Avanade was founded as a joint venture between Microsoft Corporation and Accenture LLP.

Dr. Robert Deak
Illuminated logo

The logo was revamped with considerable effort for the new dental implant centre in Vienna. The 3D letters radiate laterally, creating a refined and discreet effect.

Corporate Design and Orientation System

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Illuminated logo

Planning, production and installation of the new rooftop logo at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge 22 metres long by 1.8 meters wide.
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