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Hochschule für Agrar-und Umweltpädagogik
Photovoltaic-powered illuminated logo

The illuminated logo we built is powered by the photovoltaic system we installed. The logo is therefore self-sufficient and lights up at night without a power supply (even in winter).

Viertel Zwei
Christmas cot with petting zoo

This time, our mobile nativity scene concept is located in Viertel Zwei. The cot will be set up temporarily and looked after by us as a petting zoo. The nativity scene was designed and built by m3.

CARVALIER - NC Convalexius gmbh
Sales desk with signet as a design element

Design and realisation of the sales desk for the new location. The customised table shape perfectly reflects the dynamic start-up. The backlit, raised signet as an eye-catcher on top.

Viertel Zwei
Building project exhibition

An information exhibition was designed for the planned construction project. The plug-in system we developed allows maximum flexibility. The panels were realised using direct printing. A digital information system provided visitors with all information digitally via touchscreen.

MGRI Kapitalbeteiligung GmbH
book exchange in Viertel Zwei

Two disused telephone boxes were restored and fully branded by m3 and now serve as a public book box. People interested in reading can take out or add books free of charge around the clock.

Facade advertising

Temporary advertising banners were installed on the façade of the Motto Hotel. The banners were illuminated and could be raised and lowered automatically.

The portal of the new company building

We came up with the idea for the company portal of the new philoro headquarters in Korneuburg. Eye-catching Parametrics design element in gold look, with integrated seating, LED wall in the vestibule for animated content and digital effects. Everything in a blue and gold colour set with indirect lighting.

Wiener Riesenrad Dr. Lamac GmbH
Hotelroom for the vienna giant wheel

The design of a hotel room in the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel design was a special pleasure for us. The bedside lamps were designed and built by us. The small wagons are illuminated on the inside and a plexiglass print simulates the original interior and the view through. The box represents a historical wagon. Wall sayings and a panoramic wallpaper complete the experience.

VIERTEL ZWEI Entwicklung GmbH & Co H2O KG
Orientation System – Viertel Zwei

The old guidance system in Viertel Zwei was completely renewed by us.

EHL Immobilien Management GmbH
Orientation System – Maria Jacobi Gasse 1

Design and production of a new illuminated pylon with the prerequisite of simple and cost-effective replacement of the tenant signage.

TV Studio Furnishing

A very special request from philoro. The idea for a design for the internal TV studio. A lectern in a flowing Parametrics gold look serves as eyecather. Idea, concept, design and implementation by the specialists at mediadrei.

CAPE 10 – die gemeinnützige Stiftung und die CAPE 10 Errichtung & Betrieb GmbH
Entrance stele Cape 10

Design, construction and installation of the entrance stele.

Orientation System

Development of the design, planning, implementation and installation of the new signage system at campus21 in Brunn am Gebirge.

Immobilien Facility Management und Development GmbH
Illuminated stele for Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22

Idea, concept and realisation (design, production, printing, construction and installation) of the illuminated entrance stele at Karl-Farkas-Gasse 22.

Krause + Mauser
Machine configurator

Design and programming of a machine configurator for sales.

Krause + Mauser
EMO Hanover 2019 exhibition stand

Idea, concept, design and implementation for the exhibition stand. Set up in cooperation with MIBA Stand supervision and technical support on site by m3.
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