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Hotel Ibis Mariahilf Wien
Redesign for 3 lifts

The 3 monotonous lifts in the hotel were to be made charming and offer guests information and entertainment. What lends itself to this more than Viennese cuisine, Viennese life and Viennese culture. A wall full of delights to take down and read about, a selfie in a Sisi dress or tips for Viennese life, the new lifts offer all this.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. Exposé.

An exposé with all project-relevant information, facts and figures was developed for marketing.

McDonald’s Branch 1020 Vienna
One large illuminated fry please

Illuminated fries were to be designed and built for the display of a McDonald's branch. The lighting is adapted to daylight and starts at dusk or when it is very cloudy. The fries light up alternately and catch the eye right away.

Costa Kreuzfahrten
Exhibition stand Ferien-Messe Wien

Idea, design, construction and building of the Costa stand at the holiday fair in Vienna.

MGRI Kapitalbeteiligung GmbH
VIERTEL ZWEI book exchange

Two disused telephone boxes were restored and fully branded by m3 and now serve as a public book box. People interested in reading can take out or add books free of charge around the clock.

BauConsult group GmbH
Brand Design Drinking Bottles

Laser-cut branded drinking bottles with name abbreviation for the employees of BauConsult.

MILESTONE Operations GmbH
House Branding Milestone Aachen

We were already allowed to furnish the seventh Milestone house in the corporate design. Each house has its own history and architecture and must therefore be treated separately. However, the look and feel must be preserved. From the room number to the washing lounge - everything is in the house design.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / The brand

A construction project becomes a brand. Our task: the creation of the name, the logo and the word picture mark. The shape of the building and the address, the Liebenauer Tangente were decisive for the staging. The down-to-earth color scheme and the development of the 3 slogans harmoniously round off the brand.

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / The webpage

In line with the new brand, there is the phase 1 landing page. Start of construction spring 2023. Phase 2 follows...

Liebenauer Tangente 8 Projekt GmbH (BauConsult und Aventa)
Das Liebenau. / Construction fence

On about 50 meters of construction fence, the color palette, the imagery and the basic elements are consistently and perfectly coordinated. Design, production and assembly by m3.

ABTA - Austrian Business Travel Association
Webpage Relaunch

The new ABTA-website offers a clear design and more services and information also for non-members. A selection of information and materials is available to members in the login area.

Logo & brand design, info flyer including webpage for a start-up company

We were allowed to develop the logo, the corporate design, the info flyer and the webpage for the start-up.

Bezirksvorstehung Innere Stadt
Christmas card 2023

Idea, graphics and production of the Christmas cards for the residents of the inner city. Through the cut-out, one could put two small Christmas trees together.

Bezirksvorstehung Innere Stadt
Logo for the District Council of the 1st Municipal District of Vienna

The district administration under MMag. Markus Figl has been given a new face by mediadrei. The use of a basic element achieves a great effect. The new logo stands for unobtrusive elegance and clarity. The number 1 and the capital i form a unity. It is the 1st district and the residents of the Inner City are the 1st priority for the district administration.

The portal of the new company building

We came up with the idea for the company portal of the new philoro headquarters in Korneuburg. Eye-catching Parametrics design element in gold look, with integrated seating, LED wall in the vestibule for animated content and digital effects. Everything in a blue and gold colour set with indirect lighting.

Accenture Österreich
Branding of the company headquarters Part 1

m3 was commissioned to implement the entire CD branding for the Austrian branch in the old stock exchange. Part 1: 3D logos and 3D lettering.
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